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Pavillions: Choose the right pavilion for your product.


Open Arena

Get open to sky raw space.
This is ideal to display your Tractors, Farm Machinery, Implements, Automobiles, Solar products, etc. with live demo within your space


Plasticulture & Protective cultivation

This pavilion includes mulching films, shade nets, pond liner, crop cover, polyhouse sheets etc.


Agri Input

This Pavilion includes manufacturers & dealers dealing in
seeds, fertilizers, Agrochemicals, supplements, etc.


Water Management

An arena to display the future of irrigation. Water is the most crucial resource. This is the place to highlight new concepts and technologies to save and manage water most efficiently.


Tools & Implements

Mechanisation is a new age requirement for Agriculture.
You can showcase your products related to Hand tools, Power tools, equipment, machinery, etc. in this pavilion.



Value addition - Post harvest techniques & equipments
Sourcing - Procurement of agricultural produce from farmers & related sources.
Books - Display of Agricultural publications, magazines & all Print/Digital media.



A platform to display wide range of planting material for Horticulture crops.
You can display here seeds, seedlings & tissue culture of vegetable, fruit crops & field crops.
New ideas will take root here.



Enterprise Pavilion is for emerging and enterprising companies that have transformed innovations into products.
You get space in the Enterprise Pavilion at a subsidised rate.

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Explore the Future of agriculture such as drones,
temperature and moisture sensors, aerial images,
and GPS technology and much more...


SPARK Startup Arena

Innovations play a vital role in shaping the future of farming in India.
The Spark event will focus on creating a platform for startups to connect with their true audience.

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