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KISAN FORUM, has been active in the realm of Agricultural extension for the past 24 years. Our objective is to keep farmers in tune with the latest technologies and to harness emerging opportunities in transforming their lives.

is getting LARGER

In its 26th edition, it is 'the' place to experience the present and future of Indian Agriculture. No other trade fair attracts so many farmers or such a large number of Agri Professionals not only from India but also from abroad.
5 days
150,000+ farmers 500+ Companies Fruitful connections...

its 25th year.

We thank the Farming community and Agriculture industry for supporting KISAN in its journey. In 1993, KISAN was started with a belief “Access to information & knowledge will transform farming into a vibrant profession.” KISAN has witnessed farmers inculcating innovative thoughts & technologies in their farm and harvesting benefits over the years. They have acquainted themselves with the most advanced technologies and also developed appropriate practices using the knowledge gained. Now, we are trying to cope with their growing hunger for knowledge and aspiration to seek out opportunities in the ever-changing world.

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Exhibit at KISAN

Reach target audience

More than 150,000 farmers, agri-professionals, researchers and decision makers visit KISAN in 5 days. This makes KISAN the best platform for agriculture companies to come, connect and conquer the business opportunities.

Stay tuned with the industry

KISAN is great opportunity to learn which direction the industry is going in. Not only you can learn about the farming community but also learn about your competitors. All this information with help you stay ahead of your competition and win customers.

Make a Brand impact

Develop and strengthen your brand. KISAN is a perfect platform where you can make your company or organisation stand out. Let your customers know how reliable and trustworthy your company or organisation is. Just don’t reach your customers, touch their heart and leave an impact.

Make strategic partnerships

More than 500 companies – small, medium and large participate in KISAN every year. At KISAN, you’ll have the chance to interact with prospective customers, vendors and companies. This gives you an opportunity to identify people or companies that can help you in your business.

India's Largest Agri Show

13 - 17 December, 2017
International Exhibition Arena, Moshi, Pune, India